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Charles McCarrick Named Second on Carol Roth’s List of Economic and Business Book Recommendations

Jacksonville, Fla. (July 12, 2023) – “Back in our garage band days, my brother Charlie used to say that everyone has at least one good song in them. Today, I’d amend that to add that they also have at least one good story to tell. And by “good,” I mean one that’s interesting, insightful, and entertaining.”

And so begins the introduction to Charles McCarrick’s ( compelling memoir: “Lessons My Brothers Taught Me: How to Transform Your Personal Qualities into a Successful Business,” which has been named a finalist for the prestigious National Indie Excellence Award.

In his book (available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent booksellers nationwide), first-time author McCarrick delves into the invaluable lessons he learned from his four brothers and older sister, lessons that shaped his perspective on life and business, and ultimately led to his success as an entrepreneur. Drawing from his personal experiences, McCarrick emphasizes the importance of character and shares his 4S process to achieve business success.

In honor of Carol Roth’s newest book, “You Will Own Nothing: Your War with a New Financial World Order and How to Fight Back,” the fantastic contributor network of business owners, advisors, experts, and entrepreneurs was asked to share their top economic and business book recommendations for Summer 2023. Listed second on the list, describes the hilarious and informative memoir as follows:

2. How to Deal with Big Bullies

“Lessons My Brothers Taught Me” is a hilarious, nearly unbelievable, and deeply sincere tale of the joys and trials of starting and leading a business. Charles McCarrick weaves together his experiences growing up with five brothers and the lessons in character he learned dealing with their pranks, experiments, and bullying with the experiences of trying to develop a business in the communications industry where big-government sponsored companies use similar tactics to gain advantage over others. - Source:

As a first-time author, McCarrick's inclusion on this robust list demonstrates his dedication to excellence in all his endeavors. Known for his fearlessness, vision, and humor, McCarrick serves as the founder and leader of Micro-Ant, Kore Composites, and Swordy Moon. With a focus on cultivating confidence and creativity, McCarrick has consistently formed teams that deliver excellent products to customers. In a recent "Just Get Started" podcast interview with Brian Ondrako, McCarrick shared, "Knowing your motivations and staying focused on them will help you overcome those challenges."Through practical tips and self-reflection, McCarrick's memoir offers readers insights on creating successful ventures while emphasizing the significance of personal growth.

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