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Forward Reviews: "Lessons My Brothers Taught Me models methods for succeeding in business"

The first few months after the launch of Lessons My Brothers Taught Me were a roller-coaster of hopes, successes, and disappointments. With thousands of books published every month, ever author is left wondering and hoping: will my book get noticed? will it be accepted? will it make a difference. Small successes take on big meaning.

Recently, Lessons My Brothers Taught Me was reviewed by Forward Reviews. It garnered a 3 out of 5 Clarion Rating and was commended for being illuminating and inspiring. The reviewer took particular note of the childhood stories and illustrations, saying they "imbue the text with particular charm." They also gave valuable and thoughtful critiques for example noting that "some of this guidance will not apply across sectors" and that "the book’s tips often feel limited by their origins in McCarrick’s own experiences."

I am grateful for the thorough attention and critical thought put into the review and the opportunity to have an honest assessment from a professional book critic available for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and librarians to assess my book by.

As a concluding remark, critic Edith Wairimu wrote:

"The entrepreneur’s memoir Lessons My Brothers Taught Me models methods for succeeding in business."


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