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Lessons My Brothers Taught Me Receives All A Review from Book Life

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

June 9th, 2023 | Jacksonville, FL: Charles D. McCarrick’s new book “Lessons My Brothers Taught Me: How to Transform Your Personal Qualities into a Successful Business” has just received an all A review from Book Life. This inspiring memoir tells the story of how McCarrick's four brothers and older sister taught him valuable lessons about life, business, and success that helped him become a successful entrepreneur.

The book has been praised by Book Life for its “fresh, engaging life lessons urging entrepreneurs to build on their strengths” and the “direct and inviting language” of the author. The book captures the unique bond between brothers and illustrates how life lessons, even unexpected ones like older brother's pranks, can shape our path to success. With vivid detail and humor, McCarrick takes us through his journey of self-discovery as he learns adaptability and crisis management lessons from his brothers.

The reviewers wrote:

"McCarrick offers clear-eyed advice, applicable to many situations, while sharing unvarnished accounts of the many ways he got it wrong and right, highlighting with welcome transparency the ups and downs of creating a successful business ."

Book Life also awarded the book all As on the production quality and A- on the book cover.

Charles McCarrick is an experienced entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to developing critical communications industry technologies such as radars, safety voice and data antennas, precision GPS technologies, maritime antennas and many more. He is now a serial entrepreneur with multiple manufacturing based businesses. He believes that entrepreneurship should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. His book provides readers with practical advice on how to create their own successful entrepreneurial ventures while also showing them the value of having strong mentors and self-reflection in their lives.

“My brothers have taught me so much over the years. Often the lessons were disguised, but with time and reflection I was able to find their value” says McCarrick. “I wanted to encourage all entrepreneurs to find the lessons in their life experiences that could help them navigate their business."

With its humorous stories supported by original illustrations and moral life lessons,"Lessons My Brothers Taught Me" is sure to inspire readers of all ages on their own paths towards success.

resh, engaging life lessons urging entrepreneurs to build on their strengths: a quote from Book Life Review. A little yellow paper boat floating on the water.

The books is available in paperback, hard-copy, e-book, and audible recording from all major book retailers.


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