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The blueprint on how to transform your personal qualities into a successful business.


"Downright hilarious and entertaining.  And he has the ability to tie them directly into the business lessons as well.  The book is artfully crafted, entertaining, and informative.  Even if you aren’t a reader like me, I guarantee you will enjoy this book.  And there’s even an audiobook version! "


“Lessons My Brothers Taught Me” is insightful, humorous, and chock full of wisdom. I have known and respected Charlie for nearly twenty years – I was one of Micro-Ant’s first production volume customers.  I watched as the team and company evolved from the outside while the book describes this evolution from the founders’ perspective.    
Easily the funniest business book I have ever read.


“The first time I read the book it was hilarious and also horrifying to know that Charles might have met his demise as a young child. I think that anybody would love reading this book!  ”

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Charlie is the fearless leader, visionary, and chief comedian of Micro-Ant.  His most defining characteristic is enthusiasm – for new ideas, for the people who work with him, for continuous improvement. By cultivating people’s confidence, creativity, and dedication to the team, Charlie has forged multiple top-notch teams which consistently delivers excellent products into the hands of customers. 

If you are looking for someone remarkable on the topic of leadership and running a successful business, you just found him!

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