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Passion and Career Advice on the Big Blend Radio's "Success Express"

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Charles McCarrick's interview about his best selling business book "Lessons My Brothers Taught Me" aired over the weekend! He as featured as a part of the "Success Express" series focused on career advice. We talk about passion as a driver to get started on what you aspire to, how company culture can affect your passion and your career, and the personal traits of the 4S Transform that are necessary for a successful business.

Author Charles McCarrick with  Microphone  discussing career success and passion on the Big Blend Radio Podcast. Images of the Earth and Microphone in the background.

The Big Blend Radio is Hosted by Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, the mother-daughter travel team on the Love Your Parks Tour and publishers of the various Big Blend Magazines, Big Blend Radio educates, entertains and inspires! Topics include: Music, Books & The Arts; Travel & Recreation; Food & Drink; National Parks & Public Lands; History & Culture; Nature & Environment; Home & Garden; Family & Education; Business & Career; and much more.

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See what Author Charles McCarrick is reading in his free time and ask the author questions on his Goodreads Author Page.


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