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Everyday Strategy Workshop at I-MEC

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Dasha Tyshlek draws on her experience in organizing and running strategy and planning processes, standing up new departments, and coaching new managers to lead the "Everyday Strategy Workshop" as a part of the 1st t I-MEC Conference for inventors hosted by Micro-Ant. “Everyone knows execution is king when it comes to strategy – so my workshop is about the small and important steps any business leader can take to be more strategy-oriented every day,” said Tyshlek.


Dasha Tyshlek is the former Director of Business Development at Micro-Ant and currently the CEO and Founder of StratCraft. Dasha prepares innovative companies to grow rapidly by equipping their leadership team with the practical tools and the essential discipline for executing winning strategies. She is a force multiplier who readily jumps into the most technologically complex teams to implement solutions necessary for the company’s long-term success. Follow Dasha Tyshlek on LinkedIn and on Twitter


Micro-Ant Inc is an ISO Certified Antenna Design, Development, and Manufacturing Company offering turnkey active antenna solutions for virtually any free space communication application including consumer, commercial, industrial and military. Our facility located in Jacksonville, Florida is fully-equipped to perform all phases of product development. Capabilities include computer modeling, 3D prototyping, RF testing, a world-class machine shop and manufacturing center.


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