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Meet Charles McCarrick

Entrepreneur, Inventor & Best Selling Author

Charlie is the fearless leader, visionary, and chief comedian of Micro-Ant and Swordy Moon and someone everyone at the company admires and looks up to.  His most defining characteristic is enthusiasm – for new ideas, for the people who work with him, for continuous improvement. While the work he and the Micro-Ant team does is serious and fast paced, Charlie is always approachable, available, and interested in people’s genuine selves. At all of Charlie's companies people with quirks and unique hobbies thrive and people give each other the middle finger as a gesture of respect. By cultivating people’s confidence, creativity, and dedication to the team, Charlie has forged multiple top-notch teams which consistently delivers excellent products into the hands of customers. 

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Transform yourself and your business.

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Many people ask for advice on how to start a business-but rarely how to succeed in business. Charles McCarrick, founder of Micro-Ant, suggests starting with the question: why do you want to go into business?


These chapters, childhood stories, and cartoons describe his journey of employing the toolbox of traits that make Charles who he is and, in turn, built his entrepreneurial success. Woven with life lessons full of turkeys and toilets, Charles shares his 4S process to create business success with the fuel of your character.


If you are determined to run your own business, despite lacking any previous experience, this book is for you. You'll discover that you already possess the pieces to build your own success.

Happy Reader Reviews

"Downright hilarious and entertaining.  And he has the ability to tie them directly into the business lessons as well.  The book is artfully crafted, entertaining, and informative.  Even if you aren’t a reader like me, I guarantee you will enjoy this book.  And there’s even an audiobook version! "


“The first time I read the book it was hilarious and also horrifying to know that Charles might have met his demise as a young child. I think that anybody would love reading this book!  ”


“Charles is a great mentor, boss, and very funny! With that said, the book is a great read with a great sense of humor. Please grab a copy of this book. You won't regret it!”



If you are looking for someone remarkable on the topic of leadership and running a successful business, you just found him!

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