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Lessons My Brothers Taught Me: How to Transform Your Personal Qualities Into a Successful Business | Paperback

200 pages

ISBN-10 | 1544533403


Many people ask for advice on how to start a business—but rarely how to succeed in business. Charles McCarrick, founder of Micro-Ant, suggests starting with the question: why do you want to go into business?


These chapters, childhood stories, and cartoons describe his journey of employing the toolbox of traits that make Charles who he is and, in turn, built his entrepreneurial success. Woven with life lessons full of turkeys and toilets, Charles shares his 4S process to create business success with the fuel of your character.

If you are determined to run your own business, despite lacking any previous experience, this book is for you. You’ll discover that you already possess the pieces to build your own success.

Lessons My Brothers Taught Me | Paperback

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